Hi, I'm Libby! (she/her) It's nice to meet ya.
I’m a graphic designer. Naturally, I love anything to do with branding, InDesign, or typefaces. Lately, though, I've been practicing my illustration skills in Procreate. When I’m not designing, you can find me in my favorite overalls curled up reading a crime novel, cooking up something from the latest issue of Bon Appetit, or finding something to reorganize in my apartment. I usually have a crafty creative project going on the side (I made those floor pillows in the photo!) I love to travel and I'm dying to go to Tokyo for my next international trip. In the meantime, I spend most weekends exploring Brooklyn. I'm a full time designer during the day but after hours, I shift to passion projects and freelance work - and I am eager to take on more! Shoot me an email to connect at LibSwofford@gmail.com if you're interested in working together.
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