Challenge: Communities of people that share common interests and professions have a greater ability to connect with each other in the digital age. Often these individuals gather together in person at annual events to share their knowledge and enjoy the interests that unite them. I was assigned the genre of fables, and told to design an exhibition or a conference in addition to a visual system, letting my research and concept dictate my execution.

Solution: The first step was completing a Visual Literacy Matrix which involved documenting the stylistic components of my genre in brief written observations and thumbnail images—these components included layout, typography, graphic elements, photography, texture, color.
Given my research, I decided that the genre of Fables is best fit for an exhibition: there are so many artworks throughout history relating to the subject, so my exhibit brings them into one place for viewers of all ages. I wanted to keep the classic fables classic, while also designing with modern, simplistic elements to attract as many people as possible. 
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