Challenge: Each student chose five strips of paper from a hat that would translate into a random persona. My chosen persona ended up being a 9 year old female living in 1809 Minneapolis, Minnesota, and she likes topiaries. I was then tasked with making any sort of logical design solution for this persona. The entire project was open ended, and it was up to me to decide what would be appropriate for my persona.
Solution: After thorough brainstorming and sketching, I decided to design and create an embroider-your-own-topiary kit. Females in the 1800s were taught stereotypical home economics skills such as sewing. Minneapolis didn’t actually exist yet in 1809, but there were settlers from France living in that territory. The topiary was perfected in France, so it made perfect sense to me to merge sewing and topiaries in this make-it-yourself kit solution.
I researched 1800s design and advertising, and tried to replicate that and apply it to my own piece. At the same time, I wanted my color palette to reflect something a child would be interested in. I loved this project because I got to incorporate my love for sewing with my passion for design.
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