Challenge: This assignment was to create a “kit of parts” for generating a visual brand/identity for a museum of my choice. The goal was to design a system that would be capable of generating an open-ended set of variations rather than one fixed solution. 
Solution: One of my favorite places in the world is Luxembourg’s modern art museum, called the MUDAM. It’s an incredible building, designed by world-renowned architect I.M.Pei, and was one of my favorite parts of studying abroad in the country—so I decided to rebrand it!
My first step was to create brand squares which were essentially little mood squares that reflected the MUDAM. From there, I created two personas for the MUDAM’s average visitor. Finally I started building my “kit of parts” and designing the flexible brand. It was important to me to reflect the aesthetic of I.M.Pei’s infamous glasswork and the rest of the interior of this charming, modern building. 
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