Challenge: Miami University offers a senior capstone course called Highwire Brand Studio, a unique opportunity for Marketing and Design students to work together on advertising and branding projects sponsored by companies and organizations looking for innovative ideas for communicating with their customers and building their brands. 
Our Fall 2017 client was Miami University's department of Student Health and Wellness. Our challenge was to create a campaign to reduce the amount of High Risk Drinking on Miami's campus.
Solution: My incredible group* and I formulated a unique, guerilla-style campaign to combat High Risk Drinking called Remember These Moments, an unconventional approach to the very relevant problem on our campus. Our solution involved targeting a specific market: sophomore sorority women, and putting the power and interpretation of the brand in their hands, based on the four distinct phases of their evenings. 
*Group members: Libby Swofford, Bradley Harris, Arthur Newberry (design students); Meghan Harris, Emma Ciesick, Michelle Gargano, Erika Lee (marketing students)

Design-specific portion of the presentation.

Full presentation

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